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We’ll be needing Your Help Tomorrow,

Saturday April 16th.

at BOTH Scene Shop and Costume Shack

beginning at 10AM!

We’ll be pulling out and rearranging set pieces needed for this “BEAST” of a production!

> This… is only the beginning. <

This production is one of the largest “on stage” productions BPYT has ever done or will ever do. But, for it to be as successful as we know it will be, We need Your Help and Dedication to work as hard as our kids do.

School, Homework, Choir, Family, Soccer, Baseball, Work, Chauffeuring back and forth,

Dinner on the table, Laundry, etc. The list goes on and on…We are blessed.

So Be… Our… Guest! and let me invite you to leave that all behind for a couple of hours and share with others just like you who love our kids and help to put together another amazing BPYT production!

Just as on stage,

EVERYONE is important

and we can only be successful if we work together as a team! PLEASE don’t think you don’t have what it takes to help with a production. Believe me, you do. Building, Painting, & Sewing is not all we do. All it takes is a little time, dedication. We as parents do that all the time, so you might as well come out and have fun at the same time…no?

  Thank you for your time!



We're fine-tuning details!!

              We’re fine-tuning details!!

Kevin and I brainstormed a bit on how to make the new concept work with the rotating tower.
We’re fine-tuning details, but know this will be the main castle component.
Additional staircase will be rolled in on the left side to exit from the 56″ high elevation. The dungeon entrance/exit will be on that side as well.
Thanks! Jen

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